Lush – not the drunk kind more of the review kind

I've been a vegetarian since 2010 (and never really an eater of the meat even as a child so this conversion was not really a surprise to anyone.) When I assumed this new lifestyle I had slowly started to shift all the products in my home out for ethical, animal friendly versions instead. However, my … Continue reading Lush – not the drunk kind more of the review kind

If you’re going through hell…

Because I have funny friends that give me appropriate quotes. If you're going through hell, keep going. Winston Churchill Anxiety levels...high... It's embarrassing for me and I know it shouldn't be but I have an anxiety disorder. My first panic attack came at the age of 22. I'm much older now and the attacks are … Continue reading If you’re going through hell…

No more dairy way more flavor!

So over the weekend I was sort of freaking out about this sudden dietary change. Not because I miss dairy...but rather the emotional comfort, the routine of eating it. The almond milk in my coffee wasn't bad but it wasn't what I was used to. So I decided to use some of the half-n-half we … Continue reading No more dairy way more flavor!

Goodbye October, Hello November!

Before I get into November let's wrap up the month of October, especially since I haven't been regular in posting this month. We had a quiet Halloween. I didn't dress up and attended no parties. We went out for sushi and I helped a friend pass out candy. We took the dog's to the grandparent's … Continue reading Goodbye October, Hello November!