There was talk about shaving my head…

Sitting across from my husband at our kitchen table, I was watching the “Boondocks” and shoveling Chipotle into my craw when I say to him…”Do you think I should shave one side of my head?” He contemplated for a moment. My husband and I have many times had discussions over whether or not I should shave my head. He isn’t the type of guy to tell me what I can and cannot not do with my hair because I am a grown up woman and I’ll do what I damn well please and he respects that. However, we talk about how square my face is and we decide maybe it isn’t such a good idea.

But suddenly, he looks at me contemplatively and says to my utter surprise…

Wait until Halloween and then shave it and you can be Furiosa and I’ll be Mad Max for Halloween.”


So I shove a little more Chipotle in my mouth and after I finish that last forkful of Tex Mex goodness, I go into our closet and pull out some old photos of 25 year old me.

She shaved her head. She rocked it, despite her young adult insecurities.

shaved head.jpg


There are a few things to contemplate before such an adventure again. Mostly dealing with the comments from strangers (as with anything like this, especially where I live) draws attention and I’ve always been a weirdo magnet.

But we’ll see.

I think I’d make a wicked little Furiosa for Halloween. 😉