I gotta pee!!!


Finished my little paintings for the bathroom. They aren’t the best BUT that’s what this whole year and blog is about practice! Acrylic on canvas.

For the bathroom

We currently have an ice storm coming through. :O

So while that’s happening I started this tonight. It’s not my idea but I saw some decals on Amazon and decided to make them little paintings for my bathroom.


Now it’s off to wash up the dinner dishes and watch Mr. Robot.  Have a good week!


My bathroom might be offensive soon…

In 2014 the husband, the furries and I packed a 10 ft truck with our stuff and made our way to the Midwest.

The deal was, if it didn’t fit in the 10 foot rental truck it didn’t go. Our plan was to replace broken/old stuff when we moved. We got rid of a good chunk of things that needed to be gotten rid of.

Then we got Lola and now we need to replace more things.  You know…that puppy life. It’s like a toddler but one who doesn’t understand what you’re saying and pees the floor instead of a diaper during the potty training phase. 🙂

I don’t like our apartment right now and I don’t like most of our decor (or lack thereof.) We are settling in here for a while, I have some things to accomplish. So I figured I should probably make this place as aesthetically pleasing and comfy as possible, especially since there isn’t much to do around here unless you like meat and football and I don’t like either. I’m also a homebody so loving my space is important 😛

I won’t be replacing big stuff until next year (to make sure Lola is FULLY out of her Chewing All The Things stage) and it will probably take me all of 2017 to complete it. In the meantime I am a person who likes to collage vision boards. It gives me an idea of what I want and how it’s going to look. I scoured the internet and found some pictures. I’ve chosen to start with the bathroom because it needs an update and it’s the easiest.


I’ll also be getting more towels, gray and black. I stuck with the gray and black color scheme I already have but truly, it was the shower curtain that sold me. 😛