The Fries are loaded


Vegetarian loaded sweet po-tay-toe fries. NOM NOM NOM NOM! I’m full now though, so it’s time to try and stay up for a movie, which usually means I will pass out 20 minutes in. 😛

Happy Saturday!

Strength Training

Tired of feeling yucky so…kettle bells

100 Swings – 12 kg

10 Get ups – 8kg

30 Squats – 12 kg

20 Presses – 8kg

20 Rows – 8kg


Monster in the bay


One day soon I will have a stellar computer machine with the appropriate tools to make fun photos and cool digital things. Until then, I have an old Dell and picmonkey. 😛

For the bathroom

We currently have an ice storm coming through. :O

So while that’s happening I started this tonight. It’s not my idea but I saw some decals on Amazon and decided to make them little paintings for my bathroom.


Now it’s off to wash up the dinner dishes and watch Mr. Robot.  Have a good week!


/do over


Hi all,

I am changing this blog for the rest of the year to be an art blog. One of my plans this year is to make a painting (or something artful) once a week and share it here.

Hope this works for you, if not…well thanks for being around!