Strength Training

Tired of feeling yucky so…kettle bells

100 Swings – 12 kg

10 Get ups – 8kg

30 Squats – 12 kg

20 Presses – 8kg

20 Rows – 8kg


Monster in the bay


One day soon I will have a stellar computer machine with the appropriate tools to make fun photos and cool digital things. Until then, I have an old Dell and picmonkey. 😛

For the bathroom

We currently have an ice storm coming through. :O

So while that’s happening I started this tonight. It’s not my idea but I saw some decals on Amazon and decided to make them little paintings for my bathroom.


Now it’s off to wash up the dinner dishes and watch Mr. Robot.  Have a good week!


/do over


Hi all,

I am changing this blog for the rest of the year to be an art blog. One of my plans this year is to make a painting (or something artful) once a week and share it here.

Hope this works for you, if not…well thanks for being around!


The best app ever!


In my teens I was a journal enthusiast. I wrote down ALL my teenage angst into notebooks of various assortments. I won’t lie, it got me through a lot of hard things and it gave my unrelenting emotions a place to go. Even into adulthood I continued to write in a journal pretty regularly. It’s when I became MORE of an adult or at least in my 30’s when I kinda stopped doing it.

I don’t know why. I mean, I’m sure there are a bazillion reasons why…mostly involving my crappy relationships, school and life stuff in general. Eventually I stopped writing altogether as there never seemed to be time and well…my brain works much faster than my fingers can write in a notebook. I’d end up with scrawl I couldn’t read.

However, there is something so important about journaling. The way I am able to record what has happened to me. My memory isn’t always the best and the human mind has a tendency to remember things different after a period of time. Writing it down daily serves as a memory bank for me. Shows me what I endured, celebrated and progressed with.

Seeing as how I no longer enjoy writing the old fashioned way (pesky fingers can’t keep up) I wanted to find an alternative. I thought…

There is an app for pretty much EVERYTHING these days so how about a diary?

And yes. THERE IS. *cue music now*

I haven’t purchased the full version yet, still trying it out, but so far I love it. The reason I love it so much is it’s very accessible. My phone is usually always with me so at any moment if I want to write something down, it’s right THERE! And my typing can keep up with my brain. It also allows you to add photos and rate your feeling for the day with a face. It’s cute and convenient. It also has the ability to back up what you have written and you can password protect it.

Anyway, thought I would share that! Hope your long weekend was great!


Lazy creatures. 😛