This isn’t the easiest thing for me to talk about but I think it’s time. I’ve made connections with others like me and that has brought immense comfort especially in the darkest of times. I refuse to be defined by my disorders. Instead they are something I live with and most days … Continue reading Begin…

The best app ever!

In my teens I was a journal enthusiast. I wrote down ALL my teenage angst into notebooks of various assortments. I won't lie, it got me through a lot of hard things and it gave my unrelenting emotions a place to go. Even into adulthood I continued to write in a journal pretty regularly. It's … Continue reading The best app ever!


I have a friend who LOVES Disney. He wasn't so good with WordPress so he asked if I could help him get a layout and what not. Give that a look see if you feel inclined. It's been a lazy Sunday and I've been sick most of it. Cycle starts next week (sorry TMI) and … Continue reading Sunday

Strength Training – Saturday

No training today. I'm exhausted and hormonal and I woke up feeling hungover (even though I don't drink.) Some days are like this. I wake up, feeling like I've been hit by a truck. I'm learning the art of self care so I'm deciding to listen to my body. I did 15 minutes of yoga … Continue reading Strength Training – Saturday

My yoga ain’t pretty

I follow a lot of yogi's. Most of them are beautiful men and women, who bend into beautiful shapes. Their lives seem perfect, balanced and the antithesis of my life is right now. It's annoying...haha! But...I know they have been at this for years, they are not perfect and eachΒ  has their own journey and … Continue reading My yoga ain’t pretty

Strength Training – Wednesday

Yesterday the temperature was 95 degrees but felt like 109 degrees. Mmmm, I don't like summer, not even as a child. I know...I'm a weirdo. Anyway...I thought this would be a perfect time to go outside and do my kettle bell routine because I'll sweat more and that always seems to be a good thing. … Continue reading Strength Training – Wednesday

If you’re going through hell…

Because I have funny friends that give me appropriate quotes. If you're going through hell, keep going. Winston Churchill Anxiety levels...high... It's embarrassing for me and I know it shouldn't be but I have an anxiety disorder. My first panic attack came at the age of 22. I'm much older now and the attacks are … Continue reading If you’re going through hell…