Painting – Pop Skull

Did a little painting. Getting back into the swing of it. I better, since I have big things coming my way and knowing how to draw and paint are pretty important. I painted over an old canvas I had so there's some texture on this girl. "Pop Skull" acrylic on canvas - 8" x 10" … Continue reading Painting – Pop Skull

Saturday Adventures

Saturday was so flipping hot! I thought I might melt. My plan was to stay in ALLLLL DAY but we ended up hanging out with the neighbors which is always fun! Despite the insane heat we all ventured downtown to check out the art festival. These were at the ice cream shop. While our husbands … Continue reading Saturday Adventures

Glamour shot

I was using this photo as my desktop background at work. I thought it was super cute when my very funny co-worker commented that it lookedΒ  like a memorial picture for a dog that passed on. I made this face. -__- And then because I work with some delightfully sarcastic individuals there was an idea … Continue reading Glamour shot

Tweaked pictures

Played with an online editing program. I still have a few months before I get a new machine with access to Photoshop. It's a very simple, user friendly site. Photos taken with my iPhone 6s. Perhaps this weekend will lend to adventures down town with my camera.  

Headstands, books, dogs and a hippo

Headstands are fun and best practiced in the grass because when you fall it doesn't hurt! Lola had fun the dog park while we waited to be rescued from a car that wouldn't start but magically did when the rescuers arrived. Naturally. πŸ˜›   Trying to relax on a Sunday with Lola...well. Good LUCK! My … Continue reading Headstands, books, dogs and a hippo

End of the week!

So...right now Lola is pretty much doing ALL the naughty things she can to get attention. She's currently under the desk at my feet chomping on a toy and seems content for at least the next five minutes, Oh wait, she's chewing on my chair. This was my Art Everyday Month postings this week. "Autumn" … Continue reading End of the week!

Smoking cupcake

Doesn't everyone have a smoking cupcake hanging in their bathroom? I haven't painted in a very long time. I'm feeling the itch though. I realized that writing is too painful for me right now and I'm not really into sharing my life story with people publicly. I assure you it's not that interesting contrary to … Continue reading Smoking cupcake