Hello! I’m Amber.


This is my art blog.
It’s nothing fancy and it’s a new thing I’m trying out for 2017.
The point is to see how I’ve grown by the end of this year as an artist.16yearoldamber

I’ve loved all things artful since I was a child. 16 year old me could often be found hanging out in the back room of the art class, taking bad pictures and learning how to blend with colored pencils.

Some other stuff about me that is not art related:

I am an HSP. I am vegetarian. I love reading novels. I have a penchant for 70’s and 80’s horror films. I love movies in general and of course art! I love music and listen to a pretty wide assortment.  I strength train with various methods as part of a self-care practice. I have an on again off again relationship with yoga. I am happily married. The secret to my happy marriage, is brutal honesty, sarcasm and snacks. I loathe when my hair is long and recently grew it out to my shoulders, I won’t be doing that again anytime soon.  I like swear words. I look much younger than I actually am. I’m secretly a writer that often avoids writing, probably because I’m really bad at grammar.  I’m a transplanted Californian temporarily living in the Midwest getting my act together, so I can take over the world…or at least move back to California. 😛

These are the weirdos I live with.

Thanks for reading!