About me

Hi. I’m Amber.

Currently transplanted in the Midwest. I have doodled,  drawn and created art in different ways since I was small. I still don’t consider myself an artist but I’m working on that. I’m hoping this blog will help.

Other stuff about me:

I am a vegetarian. I’m a streaming junkie and a book nerd.

I have two dogs.



And one old cockatiel who I’m pretty sure swears in bird speak regularly.


I strength train on the regular, sometimes I do yoga (though I am not very flexible.)


I recently acquired Adobe Illustrator to learn how to create illustrations (which I LOVE!) I use a 27 inch iMac, a Cannon Rebel SLR and a iPhone 6s to create. I have lots of creative plans for the future, which I’m excited about (even if they are slllllllllllow moving, UGH.)


Any questions drop me a line! Thanks for reading. ❤