I need more snooze

This is Lola. She is a professional in the art of sleeping well. I strive to reach these levels of rest.

You see, my ability to sleep has always been difficult. Even as a child. Think “The Princess and the Pea.”  The only time I ever feel rested is when I take staycation time and live like a hermit, all comfy in my hobbit hole.

Most of the time I can get enough sleep to be a functional human. However, on those occasions when sleep eludes me because my anxiety ridden brain is running amuck, I will take a Benadryl.

A few months ago I switched departments at work. My shift went from starting at 7:30 am to starting at 4 am.  This is BEFORE the ass crack of dawn people. :O I’m not a “roll out of bed” type if I want to feel like I’m actually awake for the day, so I’m up at 2:30 for my coffee and shower.

To help me adjust I started taking Benadryl. My intention was to get me through the first week to allow my body to adjust to this new schedule. Which is usually how I roll with no problem.

Except…I kept taking it. I seemed to have developed a problem. I didn’t realize I did until…it was a problem. The list of crap prolonged use of this stuff can cause is scary. 



I haven’t built up a tolerance yet so I feel like I’m in a good place to knock of this noise. Since this is me I also usually just stop something. Just. Like. That. Tonight I will be going to bed Benadryl free, anxiety and ALL! 😛