The power of apps.


On my phone I have a folder with helper apps. They are to help me manage my various disorders when needed. They work much better if I am consistent in using them regularly, not just bring me down from an attack. They give my mind and body a break. It’s comforting knowing they are there, like old friends ready to support me whenever I need them.

Yoga Studio – This is the best app I have found for yoga. I have been using it for a few years. It’s simple, clean and has different levels of yoga so anyone can use it no matter where they are in their practice or just beginning.

Beyond – This app focuses on binaural waves to help change the patterns in your brain. I have used it many times.

Relax and Rest  – A simple meditation app. I often times will silence the voice and loop the “moderate surf” as the sound of the ocean is very soothing to me. The guided meditations are good as well.

Headspace – This one is new for me and I’m still going through it. So far I have liked it.

My Wonderful Days – I have not gotten the paid version, however, this is great if I need to vent and don’t have paper or pen handy. Writing down what I am feeling is very helpful.

These are just some tools I use. I need to implement them a little more, (okay maybe a lot more!) Self care is another post for another day though. Right now it’s yoga time.

Thanks for listening!

Be well! ❤





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