Strength Training – Wednesday or The Headache

Body: Hey asshole, you didn’t need a week off maybe 2 days.

Me: But I was having my cycle.

Body: So that means a week off and eat ALL the bad food?

Me: Yes it does.

Body: Hrm. *said in Marge Simpson voice when Homer does stupid things*


I did take a week off because of my cycle (which isn’t a lame excuse my body is rendered useless as I hemorrhage from my no no parts.) I ate a lot of sweets I don’t normally eat because cycle makes me CRAVE ALL THE SUGAR and baby Jesus help you if you try and take that away from me, I will CUT YOU. Throw a long weekend with too much to do and seeing too many people and well my body starts yelling “Hey Asshole!” and then quickly reminds me that…

a. Self care IS important for highly sensitive me.

b. Sweets are okay in moderation but will WRECK me if consumed in excess. DUH.

c. There are two days I bleed like I’ve been stabbed repeatedly, after that I’m fine.

d. You know better.

I do. *hangs head*

So here’s what happened since I decided to ignore my self care and highly sensitive needs.


Complete and total exhaustion. Irritability or as my husband likes to call it “Tall Two Year Old Syndrome” where adult Amber behaves like a two year old who needs a nap BADLY.

Muscle pain, joint pain, depression (sometimes anxiety) and an inability to keep my shit together but my personal favorite…


A dull aching pain that started SUNDAY night, leaked into MONDAY and by Monday night was a massive migraine that also carried over into TUESDAY in which case I had to call out sick because my head was pounding and my body basically shut the fuck down. It was game over, you aren’t going anywhere that isn’t the couch.


I think there was a time when I could be carefree and eat whatever the hell I felt like not do any sort of healthy movement and not suffer any consequences.

Yeah, that’s not my life anymore.

My life now is…I have to train/exercise/workout (whatever you’d like to call it) and this has to happen AT MINIMUM 3 times a week.

I can’t eat whatever the hell I want or things like pain or not pooping for a week happens.

My highly sensitive body can barely tolerate working in an office 5 days a week. It doesn’t do well around large groups of people (PEOPLE at all really.) It is completely draining regardless of how fun the group or social event might be. I need at least ONE day a week for rest (usually Sundays.) A blanket fort may be built and horror movies WILL be watched. I come into zero contact with people except for my husband and possibly my dad if he calls. THAT’S IT.

I won’t be going that long again without training maybe a couple while I nearly bleed out. I’ll refer to this post and my 3 day headache to remind me of what I need to do.

So today…back at it…

Warm up:

Mobility work for ankles, knees and hips. Squats, glut bridges and halos – 10 each.

Training Session:

Swings-  3 x 20 – 12 kg

Goblet Squats – 3 x 10 – 12kg

Presses – 3 x 5 – 8kg

Rows – 3 x 5 – 8kg

Get ups – 6 – 8kg

Beach work aka Make ya look pretty – (Curls, Triceps/Calves)

Curls – 3 x 5 – 4kg

Triceps – 3 x 5 – 4kg

Calf raises –12 kg – 3 x 15

Leg raises – 3 x 15

Everything done with 1 minute rests between.

Snugglers aka couch hogs. 😛




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