Strength Training -Saturday

This morning I got right down to business even though my bed was oh so exquisitely comfortable!

The pictures show where I am at. It’s not pretty but it’s where I am. So I tell myself…Accept what is and keep going. It works for me.

Also, I’ll post other things soon besides training stuff. I know that gets boring.

Warm up:

Mobility work for ankles, knees and hips. Squats, glut bridges and halos – 10 each.

Training Session:

Swings-  3 x 20 – 12 kg

Goblet Squats – 3 x 10 – 12kg

Presses – 3 x 5 – 8kg

Rows – 3 x 5 – 8kg

Get ups – 6 – 8kg

Beach work aka Make ya look pretty – (Curls, Triceps/Calves)

Curls – 3 x 5 – 4kg

Triceps – 3 x 5 – 4kg

Calf raises –12 kg – 3 x 15

Leg raises – 3 x 15

I did all of these with a 1 minute rest in between (I used a timer) with the exception of the “beach work” which I did back to back sets.

Here’s some unfiltered, insane Basset Hound for you. Happy Saturday!



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