Strength Training – Thursday

I know training is all I’ve been posting and that seems kind of boring right? If you’re bored you can stop reading now…otherwise continue to see my session complete with Basset Hound supervision  interruption.

I had to be in an hour early for work this morning. Let me tell you, I am exhausted. That hour makes a difference!! When I got home the LAST thing I wanted to do was throw around kettle bells buttttt I’ve had little to no anxiety this week and I really wanted to keep that trend going. Perhaps next week I can work on SLEEPING without an aid (and by aid I mean Benadryl which also happens to be the very same INGREDIENT in Zzzquil but cheaper…go figure!) Anyhow…here’s the session, same as the last one.

I did all this noise at home today since The Husband is away at practice doing practice things. Playlist was Pandora radio Deep House.

Warm up:

Mobility work for ankles, knees and hips. Squats, glut bridges and halos – 10 each.

Training Session:

Swings-  3 x 20 – 12 kg

Goblet Squats – 3 x 10 – 12kg

Presses – 3 x 5 – 8kg

Rows – 3 x 5 – 8kg

Get ups – 6 – 8kg

Beach work aka Make ya look pretty – (Curls, Triceps/Calves)

Curls – 3 x 5 – 4kg

Triceps – 3 x 5 – 4kg

Calf raises –12 kg – 3 x 15

Leg raises – 3 x 15

In between sets the nugget chilled as the nugget often does (he makes an excellent yoga partner.)


Lola not so much.

Lola: You most definitely should tug with me!
Lola: If not a tantrum will ensue and I will entice you to scratch my belly! I’m so cute you’ll fall for it!


Lola: If that doesn’t work I will have to bring out the big guns and thwart your kettle bell efforts!



Who doesn’t love a Basset Hound gnawing on kettle bells?


I thought I’d grace you with veins and muscles a poppin’ but realized it wasn’t transferring so well with my phone camera so instead you get a ridiculous face.

Now I need a shower and some dinner. 😀











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