My yoga ain’t pretty

I follow a lot of yogi’s. Most of them are beautiful men and women, who bend into beautiful shapes. Their lives seem perfect, balanced and the antithesis of my life is right now. It’s annoying…haha! But…I know they have been at this for years, they are not perfect and eachΒ  has their own journey and story to tell about how they found yoga.

I know…yoga is NOT about how you look. It’s not about how bendy you are or aren’t. Yoga is about getting into your body, out of your yakking head space and finding some peace. It’s being mindful and allowing the body to heal. At least for me.

I do yoga to help with anxiety and depression. For me it’s better than being on medication or flipping out.

My yoga is usually filled with a Basset Hound in my face, walking around me, under me, trying to chew her bone on my mat (or walking into camera shots! :P)


My yoga usually has the noise from a television in the back ground if The Husband is home, the clank of dishes, the sound of cars and people. It’s rarely a quiet affair. My yoga is dog hair in my face, on my clothes and on my mat. It’s wireless headphones (but needs to be wireless ear buds) and trying to focus on the music, the poses and not the noise inside my head.

But through it all…most days I can focus on just the yoga and everything else falls away and when it doesn’t, I do the yoga anyway. Much like life, my yoga is messy, inflexible at times, uncomfortable and other times it’s an amazing experience where I learn something new about myself.

So here is a glimpse into my messy, inflexible, Basset Hound filled yoga practice. A few poses I chose from tonight’s practice.

Namafreakingste! πŸ™‚




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