Lush – not the drunk kind more of the review kind


I’ve been a vegetarian since 2010 (and never really an eater of the meat even as a child so this conversion was not really a surprise to anyone.) When I assumed this new lifestyle I had slowly started to shift all the products in my home out for ethical, animal friendly versions instead. However, my hair care products and facial products were another matter. I have very sensitive skin and oily to boot! Sadly the all natural, animal friendly products I tried kept leaving me with a slew of problems (some of which go beyond just a break out and we’ll leave it at that.) So I stayed with what what was tolerable until a solution could be found kept searching.

And found it was! I stayed away from Lush for many years because they are pricey and with my shaky past of natural products I was hesitant to spend my hard earned dollars on something that would yet again, disappoint! I read BUNCHES of reviews and found out there was a store here (this was a huge shocker because there is pretty NOTHING in this town that is vegetarian, let alone vegan friendly!) so, I decided to give it a shot.

I was completely out of shampoo and conditioner. So I headed down to the ole’ Lush store. At the recommendation of the clerk I bought the Montalbano Shampoo bar and Veganese conditioner. I also got a sample of the Vanishing Creme moisturizer, because with my oily skin it’s a challenge finding something that works.

The shampoo bar:

Honestly I thought, a bar? This is going to fail but it wasn’t that pricey so I figured I wouldn’t lose too much. This stuff smells AMAZING and it lathers up something fierce (a necessary for me) it leaves my hair squeaky clean but not feeling stripped. It also has left my hair super shiny and soft!

The conditioner:

Isn’t half bad either. The smell isn’t my favorite but it definitely conditions and it leaves my hair soft and manageable and the smell is actually very subtle but not over powering.

The Vanishing Cream:

Is strangely light despite it’s appearance that it may be heavy (not something my oily hide wants to see!) The smell again, is not my favorite but it isn’t over powering and after a few minutes I don’t notice it.

I figured since these worked, I might as well dive into the realm of facial products. I went back the following week and bought the Herbalism cleanser, Tea Tree Water and got samples of two moisturizers to try.

The Herbalism Cleanser:

This stuff is great!Β  I like the smell and at first it was weird to use but it’s really quite simple and not a messy affair. It cleanses the face very gently, doesn’t leave my skin feeling too dry and it’s definitely not abrasive like the exfoliating scrub I had been using. Leaves my skin feeling soft and supple.

The Tea Tree Water:

I thought this was going to be over drying and hurt-y, like most toner’s I’ve tried, but guess what?! NOPE! It cleanses really well and doesn’t over dry my skin, make it feel tight or sting. It smells pretty darn good too!

Sample of the Magical Moringa Moisturizer:

So I already mentioned I have VERY oily skin (to which my husband attributes my youthful looking face.) That’s all well and good but it doesn’t make for a good time wearing makeup (which I only wear for occasions) or breakouts. I wasn’t really convinced even after review reading that this stuff would work. When I put it on, it felt so light it felt like I hadn’t used enough or had anything on my face at all. It DID NOT dry out my skin, but instead left it feeling very soft. I am happy to report I went through a whole day with no makeup and my face did not get OILY! I was shocked. I kept checking periodically throughout the day and NOPE no oil! HOLY MOLY BATMAN! We also had an occasion so I wore makeup. It held very well and I think if it would not have been 99 degrees out it would have been better. It also smells pleasant.

Sample of the Enzymion Moisturizer:

Very light weight. I decided to use this at night. Also helped control oil, though not as much as the previous. I like this better than the Vanishing Creme. Smell is a little off putting but like the Vanishing Creme, the smell dissipates and is not problematic for me.

So…to wrap it up. My skin feels better. No new break outs, things seem to be clearing up. I am really happy they give samples, I was able to figure out what worked without wasting mah hard earned monies!















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