Lola beast turns 1 year

Yesterday was Lola’s birthday. I made her pup-cakes. You can find the recipe at this site.Β 

They were a huge hit! Both dogs loved them, and we shared one with the neighbor’s dog who was asking for more please!

Basset Hounds are a special breed. By special I mean…they are complete lunatics as puppies.
She has destroyed and chewed on her fair share of apartment things. She is a Destroyer Of All The Toys and goes through them every couple of weeks…even the ones that claim to be “tough.” I learned tough is quite relative in terms of dog toys. πŸ˜› One of her favorite things to do is destory a stuffed animal she has and then take the stuffing pieces and run around the apartment throwing them into the air and catching them. πŸ˜„

She is intelligent, bright, happy, loving, caring, playful and not at all shy about voicing her needs and wants with a range of growls and barks. She is also extremely stubborn and willful, for instance, when she’s on her potty walk and decides all of a sudden she is no longer walking she will lay down and refuse to move, no matter where she is! (The neighbors get a good chuckle I think watching it! πŸ™‚

Lola forces me to come out of my introverted hide-y hole a bit as she is very much a people person and loves everyone she meets! She loves ALL THE FOOD, with the exception of spinach, that she spits out at my feet! She also LOVES her humans, her fur brother and she is a daddy’s girl all the way.

We love her so much, even when she’s got a case of the sass mouf! (And that’s a lot! Haha!)

Happy Birthday little Puppy Beast! ❀



2 thoughts on “Lola beast turns 1 year

    1. Oh boy! I don’t suspect she’ll come down for at least two to three years! And her sniffer! Forget it, once she catches a scent it’s all over! Lol 😬

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