If you’re going through hell…

Because I have funny friends that give me appropriate quotes.
If you’re going through hell, keep going. Winston Churchill
Anxiety levels…high…


It’s embarrassing for me and I know it shouldn’t be but I have an anxiety disorder. My first panic attack came at the age of 22. I’m much older now and the attacks are few and far between thankfully. The last time I had an anxiety attack was 4 years ago, I had two this week and almost a third BUT The Husband stepped in and talked me down off that ledge (so to speak) after 10 years of living with me he knows how to navigate those waters. Warm, soft, snoozing puppies also help.


The plight of my veggie plants…

I have a tiny friend living on my veggie plants (that desperately need to be moved to the larger pots that are sitting on my balcony.) I know growing stuff isn’t rocket science and despite the history of green thumbs in my family…I did not seem to inherit one.Β The fact that they are still alive is a miracle in itself haha!Β  Alas…I also do not have the heart to rid the plants of the tiny friend even though he’s using them for sustenance. We’ll see what I do…maybe I can get him his OWN plant. πŸ˜›


This week was messy and hard…

I declared through a text to my husband today what I need.


This week showed up and told me what I need to keep my shit together.Β  I need yoga, exercise, vegan eats, art (no matter how crappy of an artist I think I am) and a schedule that I actually abide. I hold the yoga class and the amazing instructor I went to responsible for igniting the “get your shit together and do these things” in my cells, catapulting me into a week of triggersΒ to bring my awareness into view last Sunday. While I may have left the bulk of my spirituality in Florida when we moved, I am not so far gone that I don’t believe my body and the Universe conspire together to give me the answers needed to make the necessary changes to reach the goals I’ve laid down for myself.

The weekend is nigh and I am glad. Yoga class, a trip to LushΒ Β  (and maybe one of those fancy bath bombs I’ve heard about for YEARS) and lots of rest. OH and Lola’s birthday where I plan to make her cupcakes and probably make her wear a birthday hat…because I don’t have children…I have dogs, and chances are she will try to eat the hat.





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