Saturday Adventures

Saturday was so flipping hot! I thought I might melt. My plan was to stay in ALLLLL DAY but we ended up hanging out with the neighbors which is always fun!

Despite the insane heat we all ventured downtown to check out the art festival.





These were at the ice cream shop. While our husbands stood in line for ice cream and water my lovely neighbor friend and I chatted. She is from Japan and told me that when someone gets sick over there they make a thousand cranes to give to the sick person as a way to help them heal. I thought that was really cool. πŸ™‚


We also ducked into a book store to cool off. This bookstore is pretty neat with lots of old and rare books but it’s stacked from floor to ceiling with a chaos of books which makes me kind of crazy so I never spend too much time in there.

After the festival, the husbands went to the comic shop and my sweet neighbor took a nap, and I went to my own apartment to put on grubby clothes, cool off and watch movies. I noticed I’m rocking some nice tan lines on my feet. Haha!


Later that evening we met up again for some rounds of pool (I didn’t play, I rocked a nice stomach ache from eating jackfruit for dinner) before we called it a night.


It was a good weekend despite the hot weather!

Have a good week ahead. πŸ™‚


*All photos taken with my iPhone 6s and edited in picmonkey*



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