Glamour shot

I was using this photo as my desktop background at work.


I thought it was super cute when my very funny co-worker commented that it lookedΒ  like a memorial picture for a dog that passed on.

I made this face.


And then because I work with some delightfully sarcastic individuals there was an idea thrown out there of making Lola’s lovely photo into a Glamour Shot! Remember those?!


So we googled awkward Glamour Shots

(Do they still do these things?!)

And then…I created this…


Lightened things up, softened the edges…tried to make her glamorous! Because Lola is of course…well she’s dramatic anyway! πŸ˜›

So people, this is my Friday night, making Glamour Shots of the dog.Β  Next up…cleaning the apartment and going through my closet trying to find summer attire because it’s 99 damn degrees outside!

Happy Friday!


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