Here I am


Here I am. Did you miss my inconsistent blogging? I just can’t seem to pull it together with this whole blogging thing. So here we go again.


The Husband is miserable. I’m sure he’ll get un-miserable one of these days. It would probably be helpful if Lola would let him sleep during the day, but she doesn’t let me sleep at night so fat chance at that. Ha!

I have stopped heavy lifting because as cool as that it is…I don’t think it’s good for this little sensitive body. I’ve trained various things in between that and sadly I lack the strength for weights (yes I know, if I lift weights I’ll get stronger duh!) but this experiment of weight lifting is not being nice to my left shoulder, elbow or knee SO kids…I listened to my body and found that YOGA is where I need to be and BODY weight training to help support the YOGA. Ah. Yes, that makes sense.

In other news I have started seeing a counselor. I’m not sure if it’s wise to publicly announce this, everyone may think I’m crazier than I already am but you know what they say…you shouldn’t really care what everyone else thinks.


Anyway, I had a messed up childhood (like most people) so I’m talking to someone to help me work through those issues because they DO affect you as an adult…and one day when I’m feeling brave I’m might actually tell you what that issue is. But not TODAY. All I will say is that it is helping!

So I was trying to be vegan for awhile but I live in the Midwest and I know that may be a lame excuse for not going fully vegan and yeah I have all the guilt to go with it but you try it in the beef and corn state and let me know how it works out. πŸ˜‰ For now I am still a vegetarian and mostly vegan.



She has grown SO much as puppies often do. The tiny dog keeps her in check which is amusing but that’s what big brothers do. She has pretty much RUINED All The Things in the apartment despite our efforts at preventing that. I’ve already had several people tell me how they have replaced furniture with their own puppies/dogs and I just sigh and wait for the day when she outgrows this lunacy (which I hope is sooner rather than later.) I’ll buy New Things next year…she should be out of this stage by then right? RIGHT?! Right.

Work has been crazy busy.


Job security right?! πŸ˜‰

I also practiced some drawing.


That’s been life lately…in between watching Korean soap operas, movies, reading books, trying to find a training program that works, eating vegan, maintaining weight and my sanity.

That is all.




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