Wednesday and last night’s session

Wednesday the husband decided to use as a technique day, since I need to work on that. We practiced with the bar only, in all three lifts. I worked on smooth movements and breathing. Breathing is the most challenging. I’m not a deep belly breather. In order for me to do deep belly breathing I usually have to practice yoga for at least 30 minutes to gain the focus and ability to relax into the breath. I am also not used to exhaling out of my mouth (in yoga you breathe steadily in and out through the nose.) My movements were smooth but I have a lot of breath work ahead.

Last night we did max effort lifts. I did better than I thought I would but I got scared in my squat and wasn’t able to max at what I truly could have.

Squat – 100 lbs 1 rep. – We slowly built into the max lift. I could have done 105 but I let fear get in the way. I’m not sure if this is typical for other lifters who are just starting out but it was for me. I was good with getting the weight out of the rack and downward movement was smooth. However,  when I got down I felt like I would not be able to get back up! So I didn’t go very deep and came right back up!  I feel really silly and a bit disappointed in myself because I am sure if I hadn’t been scared I could have done it. I have a lot of work ahead of me both in my head and my lifts. 

Bench – 70 lbs 1 rep – Bench is usually my hardest lift and the one I was actually worried about the most. While I know that number is small that was a big step for me!! It was also my best lift of the night and the easiest. I walked away feeling good about it!

Deadlift – 105 lbs 1 rep – So we learned on this one that I need to eat snacks while I’m maxing out. I could have made 110 lbs but my body was just too tired and the husband called it. I hadn’t fueled up essentially (usually I make sure I have a late afternoon snack on the days I lift and I just didn’t do it yesterday, stupid, yes. Live and learn.)

So my overall tally wasn’t bad. Back to my regular training on Monday. On the plus side my body is NOT as wrecked as I thought it would be today, I’m just really tired. We have plans of Ramen and seeing The Revenant today and not much else since it’s freezing outside. I’m considering purchasing an indoor potty for the pups because…so cold!  


Happy Saturday! Thanks for reading!


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