Saturdays are made for…

We took the fur kids to the grandparents house yesterday. It was a gorgeous day! The husband helped his grandpa do some things around the yard (which the husband loves doing!) grandma and I hung out in the back yard with the dogs. The weather was perfect. We enjoyed it immensely as today we will have a very hot, temperature record-breaking day. Despite it being fall, seems the summer is going to push out one more day.

Β leavesLeaves are starting to change as we enter fall. My favorite time of year!
leavesThe dogs enjoyed themselves romping around, playing, getting into things they shouldn’t and Lola and I argued about how she is not supposed to chew on sticks!
igotastick igotastick2*nom nom nom*
talkingdog*No no!*
lolaplayingAnd then there’s Mooshi.
bellyrubsscratch my chest!
spiderA blurry photo of this guy…who I saved from Lola’s giant feet!
caterpillarAnd this little guy.
endofthedayOnce we were home it was a Guinness for me, home made pizza and salad…I was out like a light at 9:00 pm because I know how to party on a Saturday night (dinner and falling asleep to Star Trek on the couch!) πŸ˜‰

Happy Sunday andΒ  good week to all of you!


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