Smoking cupcake

Doesn’t everyone have a smoking cupcake hanging in their bathroom?

smokincupcakeI haven’t painted in a very long time. I’m feeling the itch though. I realized that writing is too painful for me right now and I’m not really into sharing my life story with people publicly. I assure you it’s not that interesting contrary to popular belief. I’m insanely boring. Incidentally I found this photo of 16 year old me in the art room at high school, one of my main hideouts.

16yearoldamberThe art teacher had a back room and she allowed me and some other kids to hideout there between classes and at lunch where we spent our time drawing, painting and dreaming.Β  The photo was tucked away with my brushes and colored pencils. (Oh 16 year old Amber what were you thinking with that outfit and that hair?! ahah!) I’m no great artist but that isn’t the point is it? The point is to enjoy and let creativity have it’s way. At least that’s how I see it. πŸ™‚


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