Yoga with dogs

When I get stressed I do one of two things. I don’t eat OR I eat really bad food. I’m stressed and I’ve been craving chocolate the last couple of days and I’ve eaten more carbs than I normally do. I have a bad pattern I need to change. It’s a pretty serious, deep-rooted thing, which means it will take a lot of self-control, discipline and time to change this pattern that is so deeply ingrained.



So…instead of reaching for the chocolate or <insert horrible food for me here> I took advantage of napping dogs and I did yoga instead.

nappingpuppies(I got them off my lap successfully!)

This is my boat pose. It ain’t pretty AND my dogs woke up so it was chaos for the rest of my short practice but I did it anyway, nothing was stopping me! I’m not dressed in cute yoga clothes, I’m tired and I’m bloated from too many car-bo-hydrates (and dairy, I love a bowl of cereal but it doesn’t usually love me back haha!)

boatpose(Notice the dog chaos ensuing behind me? But look, I’m totally calm!)

boatpose2(Now the lunatics are just a blur under me, which made me laugh!)

yogatoes(because goodness help me, these dogs cannot stay off my mat!)

yogadogsThey look at me as if to say “What mom, we’re being good see!”

The yoga helped and beat off my craving for chocolate. I’m not looking forward to changing this pattern but if I want it to change I’ll have to stick to it.Β  Weight training and yoga will help. Oh, and puppies.


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