Grandma & Grandpa’s

Last weekend we went to grandma and grandpa’s. You just mention going there and Mooshi loses his shit. He knows grandma has treats and giant back yard to play in.  We loaded up the pups and headed off. I love going there. It’s out of the city, its peaceful, the grandparents are hilarious and grandma always has cake.

20150926_121728Mooshi found some cat crap to roll around in, it made him super happy, covering his scent against predators and all. He got plopped in the utility sink and got a bath. Grandma remarked how good he was at his impromptu bath time! He hates water but he is a good boy at bath time!  He had to wait to be allowed back out side. He wasn’t thrilled about that.

20150926_122318Needless to say after we got home we had happy, tired pups!




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