Lola beast

wpid-20150918_070422.jpgLola has been with us for two weeks now. Suffice to say she is very settled in. We are also worn out. I forgot the amount of time and energy it requires to raise a puppy! Not only that I am learning that all the articles I read that said Basset hounds need a firm but compassionate human were not kidding. Lola has tested every boundary in our household there is! I’ve taken to calling her “Lola Beast” instead of “Lola Bean.” Yikes! For the reminder of the week I have “laid down the law” so to speak. Because she does not respond to us just saying a firm “No!” we have created the “No, No” can, which is basically a used pop can filled with about 15 pennies. It’s loud enough to grab her attention. It doesn’t scare her and when we bring it out she stops what she’s doing and then barks at us in protest because she clearly does not want to stop what she is doing. After protesting she will lie flat on the floor with sad eyes. She isn’t fooling anyone around here! On another note the “No, no” can scares the crap out of Mooshi but until she gets older and actually listens, “No, no” can it is!

Her potty training is a work in progress. She hasn’t had too many accidents in the apartment and thankfully I have a carpet steamer. She’s been going to the door and looking at her halter and leash which hang there and we take her promptly out. So she’s getting the idea. I think watching Mooshi helps. He’s such a good boy!

Sleeping has been challenging and after being woken up promptly at 2 a.m every night and then tossing and turning in an effort to accommodate the puppy on the bed, I had her sleep in the kitchen. My husband said it seemed so sad but I disagreed. She has a big, fluffy, comfy bed and an equally cozy blanket. I baby gate her in there after she fell asleep on the couch. I gently scoop her up and put her to bed. I didn’t hear a peep outΒ  of her until around 5:15 which has been pretty standard for her sleeping routine. WIN, WIN all around.

Lola is great! Despite all her naughty behavior (which is really just typical puppy behavior) we love her a great deal! She is a very funny and intelligent puppy. I know a lot of people say Basset hounds are dumb but little Lola is proving to be quite the opposite!Β  I know my husband is smitten with her, Mooshi gets a little overwhelmed but otherwise seems to enjoy having a fur sister and I love Lola beast to pieces! Her little puppy belly is my favorite!!

I am glad tomorrow is Friday and I am off to bed. I am exhausted!Β  Happy Thursday!



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