Small you are, lift you must

A quick entry before I do yoga and head to bed.

I am beat up from yesterday’s work out. The joints in my right hand, elbow and shoulder all hurt. I do not think it’s from weight lifting but rather repetitive movement from years of working in an office and sitting at a desk. I think our gloomy, humid weather did not help the situation either. I iced the elbow and it feels much better.

Kyle informed tonight I am not a power lifter yet because I’m not lifting heavy yet, right now it’s just weight lifting. Okay. Makes sense still wanted to kind of punch him in the face a little for saying it. πŸ˜›

I also asked him about the program he has me doing. Each week it seems to change. He said I’m not actually doing the program he has for me yet because I am too weak right now. Again, wanted to punch him in the face a little but it’s not his fault I’m a weak, scrawny thing and I’m not sure he’d feel anyway because well, bird arms. He said the reason he keeps modifying the work out each week is because my body is adapting much faster than he anticipated which is a good thing and that I will actually be doing the program very soon. Okay, so I wanted to kiss him a little instead of punching him. :*

This is hard and I know it wouldn’t be easy but I didn’t realize how hard and I’m not talking about lifting weights that is actually the easy part, I mean how hard is it to pick shit up and put it back down? (hehe) It’s staying away from bad habits and food and making myself go to the gym and not eating the donuts at the office potluck today because I did not want to come home and do 30 minutes of rowing.Β  THAT my friends is what’s hard!

I’m tired, I’m 40 and doing this makes me realize the limits my body has right now and the lack of strength I possess. It’s hard to face how much work I have ahead me but it’s also motivation to keep going.



2 thoughts on “Small you are, lift you must

  1. My right arm has the same issues. I wish science would invent more human friendly ways to work on computers. I suppose in your mind donuts are now “row-nuts” lol. Good to have a rule about working out when over indulging. You have so much will! Go you!

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