Monday’s Training

There were some people hogging the squat rack. They were doing things incorrectly and making other people angry who were waiting to use it. It was a good show. πŸ˜‰ Ah, the life of commercial gyms.


Kyle is confident I will be completely off machines very soon. The squat, dead lifting and overhead pressing is doing more than the machines have. Saturday we’ll try the bench and bar. Everything is so simplistic about what I’m doing and I keep thinking I need to do more, more more! But in reality I’m cutting out the unnecessary and just focusing on what will make me stronger. So far my body is holding up. Kyle says to stick to our two-day a week for now that having so much recovering time in between is helping my growth. I want results now of course because I have zero patience with pretty much everything I reminded myself that it will be a long road and a lot of hard work but worth it!

Here was today’s workout.

squat – 55 lbs 3×5

overhead press – 40 lbs

lap pull down –Β  50 lbs 3×10

Romanian dead lift – 75 lbs 1×5

hyper extensions – 3×10 because the Romanian dead lift took it all out of me.

I also did about 45 minutes of yoga this morning. The joints in my hand and elbow have been hurting all day. I’m pretty sure that is weather related. We’re supposed to get storms. I spent the whole weekend resting and recovering from a horrible week. I watched a lot of movies and got my Tom Hardy fix. It was fabulous!

Now off to bed and into the week ahead.


Current me…sad state of affairs that is. Haha!


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