Friday – what sucked, what didn’t

What sucked…

  • I had a headache so powerful it chased me home from work, directly to the couch and later into bed. Eye strain because incorrect eyeglasses.
  • I spent a boat load of money on eye glasses that I COULDN’T wear because I had to try and save money but instead SPENT more.
  • The dishwasher quit. Like that. Loaded it up, turned it on, nothing.
  • Still waiting for the dishwasher that broke on MONDAY to be fixed.
  • Doing dishes by hand sucks. Zen moment my ass. Doing dishes suck.
  • The puppy peed the floor AND was horrible pretty much all week.
  • Cold weather. It’s May. PULL IT TOGETHER NEBRASKA.
  • A tornado on 132nd Ave, while at work, had to hide out in a packed stairwell until the all clear. Had to fight anxiety because well..tight spaces with packed like sardine humans = NOT OKAY FOR ME!
  • The puppy will. not. stop. chewing.
  • I can’t budget for shit.

What didn’t…

  • Got new lenses for my glasses. I CAN SEE, LORD PRAISE JEBUS! They did not cost a boat load of money, my insurance covered the bulk of it and life is much better when one can see clearly.
  • prasiejebusThe puppy is sleeping until 5-5:30 am. A MUCH better time than 2-3 am.😀
  • Chipotle Friday. I love you.
  • Warm socks.
  • Long hair that can be pulled up into a top knot, or knobbies when the weather is being crap and it refuses to behave.
  • New shoes!
  • The husband said some really nice things to me…all about subtly and beauty and being awesome without trying.
  • Vegan cookies. Nuff’ said.
  • My awareness is growing about myself and all the bad patterns I need to rewrite into good ones.
  • Books.
  • An idea to write a book that will never see the light of day but is definitely what I need to work through some heavy issues.
  • Realizing budgeting is a work in progress for me and part of the rewriting bad patterns into healthy, good ones.


Here’s a picture of Miss Sass Mouf that I posted to my Instagram the other morning. Who says 5:30 am is too early for sass? /falls over.

*editors note*

Reviewing the week is not new, I’ve seen many bloggers do it. I’ve taken this model from my favorite blogger in the ENTIRE universe to help me recap my week to remind me of the good and the bad and that both are necessary (whether I like it or not haha!)


Right here, right now – not the Jesus Jones song…

I accidentally figured out the answer to a question I have been asking for YEARS. It was a sobering thing to figure out and will be a challenge.

It’s okay, it will build character (because we all know I need more of that.)

It’s thunder storming, raining all night tonight AND tomorrow all day AND I left my umbrella at work because that is an excellent place for it and the perfect metaphor to my life. Haha!

The husband helped me create a new body weight strength training routine. I learned today that tuck jumps make your butt hurt. FUN.


My answer to hurt butt…yoga of course. The headphones are to drown out all the noise of mostly a very whiny puppy.


Speaking of naughty she’s been pretty awful the last two days. Tonight she ran around and terrorized ALL OF US for THREE HOURS before finally passing out. On the upside I got her to sleep until 5:30 this morning! That’s a HUGE win and far better than the 3 AM she likes to wake me up at.😛

So let’s see what happens now as I unplug from electronics, take myself and the dogs to bed and read Vision Quest until I pass out (which usually takes about 10-15 minutes.)



Bifocals & Dogs

I got bifocals recently. I picked them up yesterday.

I immediately hated them the moment I put them on. I wore them for awhile trying to get used to them but I can’t seem to adjust. They make me feel like my eyes are trying to cross and I get dizzy, then I start feeling nauseous.

The eye doctor and eye tech (I’m guessing that’s what she’s called at least that’s what I’m calling her) said to give it at least two weeks. My husband said the same. I’m giving it two weeks but I’m pretty confident I’ll be going back to get single vision. I do love my frames! On the upside my eye doctor said my distance prescription is so slight, she’d like to see me wean myself off of them, using them only for driving if I feel I need them.

I’m trying not to feel like I just wasted a bucket full of money getting glasses I hate so I’ll save that for at least two weeks when I go back to get single vision haha!


We took the dogs to The Grandparent’s house yesterday after I got my glasses. They ran around like lunatics of course and had lots of treats. They were so tired when they got home, we had a nice, quiet evening for once.  Haha!



Today it’s a cloudy, thunder storming day so everyone is relaxed and laying around. Shower optional.😛 I watched “The Revenant” this morning while the dogs and husband snoozed and a thunderstorm raged outside. Fitting movie for today’s weather!

Now I’m gonna crawl in bed, watch one more movie and then meal prep for the week!

Have a good week all!

#mayibeginyogachallenge 2016

yogachallengeI know it says 2015 but I cannot find a picture of the current challenge. It will be the same poses so no worries. This challenge is hosted by @beachyogagirl and @kinoyoga. I follow them both and find them beautiful both inside and out and inspirational!

The details are on their instagram pages just click the above links and it will take you there.

I need yoga. Our gym membership is up this month which is perfect because I will be going back to a yoga studio once a week again. The effect yoga has on my mind, body and spirit are noticed by people outside of me. My husband especially notices a difference in my mood and sleeping habits. I am calmer. My goals (I guess that is what you would call them) are to become flexible and strong – body weight strong. Every part of my body weight strength training will be centered on making my yoga practice stronger. I assure you I have a long way to go before I’m as flexible as I want and it’s also a fact that I may never be that flexible but…the beauty of yoga is…it meets you where you are in your practice. My yoga honors me where I’m at right now. it doesn’t demand that I be able to touch my face to my shins. It just asks that I show up and I practice. It helps me get out of my head space most of the time (sometimes my lizard brain just runs amuck but I practice anyway!) There is no competition in yoga just…”Here you are, and it’s great you are here!” And that my friends is a wonderful place to be. FULL acceptance. It’s also teaching me to be patient with myself and lose the idea that perfect is attainable. For all the bad patterns I harbor due to a rough childhood yoga is the one place that I can go to help me through that. To honor myself and my life exactly where it is at and to be gentle with myself. All things important take time.

Though yoga is MUCH more than just physical postures. That is the other aspect I have started diving into. The lessons we can learn, and what we can carry into our lives with this practice. I am not a religious person but I definitely have a spirit and I feel like yoga helps me connect with that in a way that makes sense to me (even if it does not to anyone else.)

So I thought doing this challenge would be very beneficial in many ways.

  • Help me follow through.
  • Stay committed.
  • Work on patience with my body and myself.
  • Open the door for a solid practice.
  • Connect with my spirit.
  • Possibly connect with others.

So we’ll see at the end how well I did.


Here I am


Here I am. Did you miss my inconsistent blogging? I just can’t seem to pull it together with this whole blogging thing. So here we go again.


The Husband is miserable. I’m sure he’ll get un-miserable one of these days. It would probably be helpful if Lola would let him sleep during the day, but she doesn’t let me sleep at night so fat chance at that. Ha!

I have stopped heavy lifting because as cool as that it is…I don’t think it’s good for this little sensitive body. I’ve trained various things in between that and sadly I lack the strength for weights (yes I know, if I lift weights I’ll get stronger duh!) but this experiment of weight lifting is not being nice to my left shoulder, elbow or knee SO kids…I listened to my body and found that YOGA is where I need to be and BODY weight training to help support the YOGA. Ah. Yes, that makes sense.

In other news I have started seeing a counselor. I’m not sure if it’s wise to publicly announce this, everyone may think I’m crazier than I already am but you know what they say…you shouldn’t really care what everyone else thinks.


Anyway, I had a messed up childhood (like most people) so I’m talking to someone to help me work through those issues because they DO affect you as an adult…and one day when I’m feeling brave I’m might actually tell you what that issue is. But not TODAY. All I will say is that it is helping!

So I was trying to be vegan for awhile but I live in the Midwest and I know that may be a lame excuse for not going fully vegan and yeah I have all the guilt to go with it but you try it in the beef and corn state and let me know how it works out.😉 For now I am still a vegetarian and mostly vegan.



She has grown SO much as puppies often do. The tiny dog keeps her in check which is amusing but that’s what big brothers do. She has pretty much RUINED All The Things in the apartment despite our efforts at preventing that. I’ve already had several people tell me how they have replaced furniture with their own puppies/dogs and I just sigh and wait for the day when she outgrows this lunacy (which I hope is sooner rather than later.) I’ll buy New Things next year…she should be out of this stage by then right? RIGHT?! Right.

Work has been crazy busy.


Job security right?!😉

I also practiced some drawing.


That’s been life lately…in between watching Korean soap operas, movies, reading books, trying to find a training program that works, eating vegan, maintaining weight and my sanity.

That is all.





(mmm Alka Seltzer cold medicine!)

I haven’t been to the gym in almost 2 weeks. You know, life happens, like moving apartments and getting bed ridden sick with a fever for a week.


(No filter there kids, that’s pure unadulterated sickness going on!)

I was living on toast and cough drops.


Although I will say, my cough drops were quite encouraging! They were rooting for me!


I did ask the Husband if I could make it to the gym in my cough, fever induced haze. I think he looked at me funny, but I’m not sure, I was on a cold medicine bender but I do remember him saying it was not a good idea.

So I’ll be back at it Friday, all that’s left is a lingering, dry, annoying cough and a tiny bit of snots that just won’t let go. I’m not banking on having a great Friday lift session, and some may say I’m not being positive and I would say I think I’m being realistic.😉

Have a good day!

Wednesday and last night’s session

Wednesday the husband decided to use as a technique day, since I need to work on that. We practiced with the bar only, in all three lifts. I worked on smooth movements and breathing. Breathing is the most challenging. I’m not a deep belly breather. In order for me to do deep belly breathing I usually have to practice yoga for at least 30 minutes to gain the focus and ability to relax into the breath. I am also not used to exhaling out of my mouth (in yoga you breathe steadily in and out through the nose.) My movements were smooth but I have a lot of breath work ahead.

Last night we did max effort lifts. I did better than I thought I would but I got scared in my squat and wasn’t able to max at what I truly could have.

Squat – 100 lbs 1 rep. – We slowly built into the max lift. I could have done 105 but I let fear get in the way. I’m not sure if this is typical for other lifters who are just starting out but it was for me. I was good with getting the weight out of the rack and downward movement was smooth. However,  when I got down I felt like I would not be able to get back up! So I didn’t go very deep and came right back up!  I feel really silly and a bit disappointed in myself because I am sure if I hadn’t been scared I could have done it. I have a lot of work ahead of me both in my head and my lifts. 

Bench – 70 lbs 1 rep – Bench is usually my hardest lift and the one I was actually worried about the most. While I know that number is small that was a big step for me!! It was also my best lift of the night and the easiest. I walked away feeling good about it!

Deadlift – 105 lbs 1 rep – So we learned on this one that I need to eat snacks while I’m maxing out. I could have made 110 lbs but my body was just too tired and the husband called it. I hadn’t fueled up essentially (usually I make sure I have a late afternoon snack on the days I lift and I just didn’t do it yesterday, stupid, yes. Live and learn.)

So my overall tally wasn’t bad. Back to my regular training on Monday. On the plus side my body is NOT as wrecked as I thought it would be today, I’m just really tired. We have plans of Ramen and seeing The Revenant today and not much else since it’s freezing outside. I’m considering purchasing an indoor potty for the pups because…so cold!  


Happy Saturday! Thanks for reading!