End of the week!

So…right now Lola is pretty much doing ALL the naughty things she can to get attention. She’s currently under the desk at my feet chomping on a toy and seems content for at least the next five minutes, Oh wait, she’s chewing on my chair.

This was my Art Everyday Month postings this week.

“Autumn” taken with Cannon Rebel

autumedit“Color” taken with Cannon Rebel

autumbwcolor“Funny Face” taken with iPhone 6

lolafunface“Chew Chew” taken with iPhone 6


“Lola Toes” taken with Cannon Rebel


All these photos can be found on my Instagram.

That’s all I have for the moment. Right now I have to go chase a naughty hound puppy! :)



I  mentioned I would be doing Art Everyday Month. I have stayed true to this. My plan was to sketch, draw and paint. I found the muse decided to take a vacation this month or maybe change the form. I did two little pictures, in water color which I posted to my Instagram. They were pretty rough. I wasn’t feeling inspired as I thought I would. It was making me frustrated. Then I remember you can draw, paint, cook, do whatever you want. I decided to take photos. So far I have been using my iPhone, but I have plans to use my fancy camera. Of course I have no idea what I’m doing and I have none of the fancy pants software or computer gear (yet) to use filters ( other than what is on my iPhone) and all that fun jazz. So I’m working with what I have.

Here’s what I did for the week.

dognosecrtakemetobedcrlegscrand the two water colors I don’t like.

toofflyingpigAll photos were taken with my iPhone 6S.

No more dairy way more flavor!

coffeewithalmondmilkSo over the weekend I was sort of freaking out about this sudden dietary change. Not because I miss dairy…but rather the emotional comfort, the routine of eating it. The almond milk in my coffee wasn’t bad but it wasn’t what I was used to. So I decided to use some of the half-n-half we had left in the fridge. I felt bad that the animals had suffered and didn’t want it to go to waste. So I put it in my coffee. I took a sip and I nearly spit it out.

It tasted weird and awful. It left a film in my mouth I hadn’t noticed before and it had an after taste I did not remember ever experiencing. It was so off putting that I ended up pouring it down the sink (so much for not wasting!) I just couldn’t drink it. I made a fresh cup with almond milk and it tasted yummy and right.

Which leads to me to tell you about my Chipotle experience.

Every Friday the husband and our do our food shopping and grab Chipotle for dinner (yes we’re like old people!)  I was apprehensive on how my usual Friday burrito bowl was going to taste sans dairy. I usually get a lot of cheese and sour cream heaped onto my bowl. Instead of heaping on the dairy, I got an extra heap of salsa!

When I took my first bite I was surprised! I thought it was going to taste bland without dairy slathered over it but I was so wrong! Instead a symphony of flavors exploded in my mouth! Flavors I never noticed before! It tasted better without all the dairy on top!

My experience so far has been that food tastes better. Dairy seemed to mask the flavors of everything. My digestion is also better even after just a week.  The husband is going vegetarian this week, his digestion has not been so good haha! Poor guy! Guess I better start putting a little baking soda in those beans. :P




Goodbye October, Hello November!

Before I get into November let’s wrap up the month of October, especially since I haven’t been regular in posting this month.

We had a quiet Halloween. I didn’t dress up and attended no parties. We went out for sushi and I helped a friend pass out candy. We took the dog’s to the grandparent’s so they could  see them in their cute gear. (My outfit and Lola’s was inspired by Kaylah at The Dainty Squid.)

amberhalloweenlolahalloweenmooshimonsterThis last week of October my husband and I also took some vacation time for some much needed rest. We slept a lot, went to the gym and watched a lot of movies, one of those movies sent me down the vegan path.

vegucatedI highly encourage you to watch this movie, not to turn anyone vegan or vegetarian but to get a little knowledge on the meat and dairy industry.  As a vegetarian I already knew the horrors of factory farming but I also learned the “ethical” dairy I was consuming isn’t so ethical after all. Going vegan presents a big challenge since I live in the Midwest and am regularly ostracized (whether intentional or not) for not consuming meat. So this will be an interesting ride.

Lola is getting bigger…well at least longer haha! She’s also getting sassier and smarter. Anyone who says Bassett hounds are not smart obviously has no idea what they are talking about. She has learned how to open the cabinets in the apartment (and the treat closet at grandma’s house!) She had a pretty good time while we were out the other day! *Just a note – she was fine, didn’t hurt herself and we have since locked her out of all cabinets she can open*

lolakitchenShe also has a sass mouth that doesn’t stop. If she doesn’t like something she’ll let you know!

lolasassyShe also turned 3 months this October!

I also did two vision boards one for myself and one for nesting purposes. It was a lot of fun dreaming and doing, though my vision boards are both digital.

I’m glad to welcome a new month! Goodbye October!

Hello November! What’s in store this month?

For starters I’m going to try this recipe.

spaghettisquashI’ve never tried spaghetti squash and I think taking the vegan route this would be a good time to try it! Also looking at this picture makes my mouth water so I figure it must be good!

I found this on my Instagram feed this morning and thought it was a great idea so am implementing it. I’ll let you know what my goals are and how (if) I reached them at the end of the month (because let’s face it sometimes I have commitment/exhaustion issues haha!)

novembergoalsI am also participating in this challenge which I mentioned before.

October is also the month my big black dog passed away. I miss him everyday! It’s not something I will ever get over but I have learned to live with his absence. Every year at this time I reflect on him and his companionship to me and it always brings a happy feeling to my heart and a smile to my face.

bruiser23This month is going to be good I think! Happy November all!

Saturdays are made for…

We took the fur kids to the grandparents house yesterday. It was a gorgeous day! The husband helped his grandpa do some things around the yard (which the husband loves doing!) grandma and I hung out in the back yard with the dogs. The weather was perfect. We enjoyed it immensely as today we will have a very hot, temperature record-breaking day. Despite it being fall, seems the summer is going to push out one more day.

 leavesLeaves are starting to change as we enter fall. My favorite time of year!
leavesThe dogs enjoyed themselves romping around, playing, getting into things they shouldn’t and Lola and I argued about how she is not supposed to chew on sticks!
igotastick igotastick2*nom nom nom*
talkingdog*No no!*
lolaplayingAnd then there’s Mooshi.
bellyrubsscratch my chest!
spiderA blurry photo of this guy…who I saved from Lola’s giant feet!
caterpillarAnd this little guy.
endofthedayOnce we were home it was a Guinness for me, home made pizza and salad…I was out like a light at 9:00 pm because I know how to party on a Saturday night (dinner and falling asleep to Star Trek on the couch!) ;)

Happy Sunday and  good week to all of you!