I need more snooze

You see, my ability to sleep has always been difficult. Even as a child. Think "The Princess and the Pea."  The only time I ever feel rested is when I take staycation time and live like a hermit, all comfy in my hobbit hole. Most of the time I can get enough sleep to be … Continue reading I need more snooze

The power of apps.

On my phone I have a folder with helper apps. They are to help me manage my various disorders when needed. They work much better if I am consistent in using them regularly, not just bring me down from an attack. They give my mind and body a break. It's comforting knowing they are there, like old … Continue reading The power of apps.

I only fell apart a little bit…

People are hard for me to process. They are full of isms and angst-y things. A lot of my days lately have been spent trying not to relive past traumas. It is no easy feat. Today I made a mistake at work. I made this mistake because I wanted to avoid confrontation with a very … Continue reading I only fell apart a little bit…

Mother’s Day

After my parents divorced my mother fell into alcoholism heavily. She moved me far away from my dad. There was a lot of trauma after that and my disorders are a result. In therapy my counselor and I discussed some of my childhood and the adults I was often surrounded by. We discussed the issues … Continue reading Mother’s Day


      This isn’t the easiest thing for me to talk about but I think it’s time. I’ve made connections with others like me and that has brought immense comfort especially in the darkest of times. I refuse to be defined by my disorders. Instead they are something I live with and most days … Continue reading Begin…

The best app ever!

In my teens I was a journal enthusiast. I wrote down ALL my teenage angst into notebooks of various assortments. I won't lie, it got me through a lot of hard things and it gave my unrelenting emotions a place to go. Even into adulthood I continued to write in a journal pretty regularly. It's … Continue reading The best app ever!

Training – Tuesday

I am exhausted. Story of my life, a song that is constantly on repeat. My husband did point out that on days I train, I'm excited and full of energy. Of course, I have to grow those baby muscles! 😀 Anyway, keeping it simple for gains, then stuff will be added later! Squat: 65 lbs … Continue reading Training – Tuesday