Week one

 wpid-20150728_060950.jpg(box pistols, I look forward to the day I can actually do one without nearly falling over and using a box! Again…goofy face!)

What I did:

Box Pistols – 5X10 (5 each leg)

Pull-Ups – 3X5

Dips – 3X5

Leg Raises – 3X10

Time: 6:00 am

Location: The Gym


Woke up and for 30 seconds I was pain free! A long, hot bath last night helped I think. Looking at social media did not. I had a headache. I read my book for a few minutes, passed out. Slept…ok. I didn’t want to go the gym, wanted to sleep but I did it anyway. During my warm up I realized that I train not necessarily to be stronger, or look better but to feel better, in other words pain free. It will take at least a week (at least this is usually the case) for me to work the pain out of my body. Yesterday sitting at work by the end of my shift my whole body was screaming. I couldn’t focus on work. I hope today is better.

Week One

wpid-20150727_061250.jpgwpid-20150727_061255.jpgwpid-20150727_061306.jpg(please excuse my ridiculous expression haha!)

What I did:

Halos – 5 reps
Goblet Squats – 5 reps
Glute Bridges – 5 reps

*Each exercise is done in succession as a circuit. Complete the circuit 3 times. Halos and Goblet Squats are performed with the 4 KG Kettlebell.

KB Swings – 100 Swings (Sets of 10 single-handed)

Goblet Squats – 50 Reps (Sets of 10)

Turkish Get-Ups – 10 Total (5 each Side)

*Done with the 8 KG Kettlebell

Time: 6:00 am

Location: My living room

Mood/Feelings: Last week was pretty rough. Yesterday proved no better. I’ve had very little necessary rest for this highly sensitive body. I woke up this morning with pain through out my body and finally it’s starting to seep into the joints of my had. Roughly a week and a half almost two weeks of no training and that is the result. This week it’s back to routine, back to clean eating and training. Hopefully I’ll feel better by the end of the week. I look forward to my “sabbath” on Sunday’s of Netflixing, book reading and laying around.

7.16.15 – Thursday

wpid-img_20150716_064721.jpgWhat I did:

Squat: Goblet squats * 4X10 * 25lbs

DB Press: 3X5 * 20lbs

Pullups: 3X5

Hyper extensions: 3X15

Time: 6:00 am

Location: Commercial Gym

Mood/Feelings: Cranky. I don’t know if it’s just the gym I go to or maybe this is how the commercial gym scene rolls but they only have ONE F-ING squat rack in the whole joint. I rearranged my training times to be in there when it wasn’t peak hours and less crowded because I hate crowds and I still can’t get on the rack half the time. I’ve never trained or used a gym but I can tell you, I don’t really care for it. nosir So when I couldn’t get in to squat today because one guy was taking forever and two more were hovering around it like vultures I got frustrated. I asked my husband what can I do instead and he said goblet squats with a kettle bell.

So I went home and I did that. I found it to be more challenging and I enjoyed it . So I’m re-evaluating my fitness goals and taking this a sign from the Universe that there is a better way for me to achieve, strength, flexibility and getting lean.


I haven’t fallen off the wagon. I’ve been training, although we took a mini vacation last week and I’m still recovering after that.

This morning was 16 minutes of the elliptical. The intent was 30 minutes which I usually do with resistance but this morning it wasn’t happening. My husband says some days are just going to suck and it’s been one of those weeks. 16 minutes is better than nothing. Also having some digestive issues. Basically resetting myself this week. Weights go up Saturday and I’m seeing biceps, so progress…slow but it’s there!


About a month ago.



Squat – 75 lbs 3×5

Bench – 55 lbs 3×5

Dead lift – 90 lbs 1×5

Leg raises – 3×10 barely hahahahahah!

OHHHHHHHHHHHHH the day after  heavy dead lifting.

*resumes resting position on couch*



Squat: 70 lbs 3×5

Dumb bell press: 30 lbs  3×5

Hyper extensions:  3×15

Super set with dumb bell rows: 20 lbs 3×10 each arm

Yesterday I did cardio. After that I sat in the sauna and I saw the most ridiculous thing happen. At the gym they have an area for a lap pool, hot tub and the sauna. I was in the sauna with several other people when we all started hearing yelling in an argumentative way. Everyone glanced outside to see a jacked, tattooed gentleman sitting in the hot tub screaming an older gentleman about how he “dripped” water on his head as he walked by and how disrespectful it was. These dudes were really going at it. Everyone one in the sauna laughed in disbelief because the guy in the hot tub was already soaking wet. A manager finally came over and broke it up and both men ended up sitting in the hot tub together talking calmly.

*shakes head*

Got a trip planned for a couple of days next week. Gonna go play in the mountains and see some cool people. 8)



Squat: 70 lbs 3×5

Bench: 50 lbs 3×5

Dead lift: 65 lbs 3×3 (lighter weight during the week because these wreck me so much.)

Leg raises: 4×5