Thanksgiving – Part 2

I came home with bronchitis which is kicking my ass. I also had plans to do this but sickness.  SO…I’ll probably be doing yoga the rest of the month because it’s less taxing on my body and then back to the gym in January.

Oh and Monday I start my first grown up job which I’m slightly nervous about. If I were a nail biter I’d probably have nubbin’s.😛

Anyway…before my sickness over takes me again and renders me useless, save for laying on the couch and watching streamed movies here’s some more trip pictures.

Happy Saturday!

California – Part 1 – I hella love Oakland

I asked my best friend of 24 years if she could get me a t-shirt from Oakland, so you know when I’m back in the Midwest I can represent.😛

I’ve been representing ALL WEEK and in the morning with coffee.



This girl…gets me and I hella love her!


A quickie

Bay Bridge, Oakland Ca.

I went home for Thanksgiving.

I returned to the Midwest with a cold (or the plague feels like the plague to me.)

I’ll post pictures of my trip back home and some stories and plans for the rest of the year and the coming new one.

Hope you all are well.🙂



This is gonna get boring…

I’m doing a program called Simple & Sinister,  for the next month. It’s kind of an experiment to see how my body changes and also if we can get my weight down to where I want it to be and make it stick. (By we I mean my husband and I, the husband who is well versed in training and is essentially my trainer.)

It is very simple and we’ll see about the sinister part. It consists of:

100 kettle bell swings (for me this will be with 12 kg.)


10 get ups (for me this will be with 8 kg.)

Done everyday. Which is where the boring part is as far as posting. I’ll take a before picture and at the end of December I’ll take an after and we’ll see what happens.🙂

Last year I bought the Onit beginner women’s kettle bell set. That is what I’ll be (and have been using.)

Next week I’m going home for Thanksgiving for a short trip. I’m super excited (not about the airplane ride haha! *insert I don’t like flying face here*.) While I can’t take kettle bells with me, I have body weight app on my phone which I intend to use so at least I’m doing something especially since I have anxiety and traveling tends to heighten that so I’ll need all my tools to help me remain calm.

I’ll post about my trip when I get back.🙂

And finally…winter has begun in the Midwest.

*cry face*

Can I just stay in bed with books and warm puppies all winter?😛

Thanks for reading!




Kettle bells are ringing…


Sometimes when I post pictures like this I think I will look back on it, much like I do some of my high school photos and wonder..”why the hell would I let anyone see me like that?!”


This morning I kept it simple and sinister.

100 swings – 12kg

10 get ups – 8kg

80’s piping through my ears and of course a basset hound running around my feet.

Also…there is talk between my husband and I about what weight I am comfortable at…what I can do to get my body to remember that AND an experiment with that for 4 weeks. You know, to see what happens. More to come on that later.

Right now…there is a hungry puppy beast who needs to be fed.