Squat: 70 lbs 3×5

Dumb bell press: 30 lbs  3×5

Hyper extensions:  3×15

Super set with dumb bell rows: 20 lbs 3×10 each arm

Yesterday I did cardio. After that I sat in the sauna and I saw the most ridiculous thing happen. At the gym they have an area for a lap pool, hot tub and the sauna. I was in the sauna with several other people when we all started hearing yelling in an argumentative way. Everyone glanced outside to see a jacked, tattooed gentleman sitting in the hot tub screaming an older gentleman about how he “dripped” water on his head as he walked by and how disrespectful it was. These dudes were really going at it. Everyone one in the sauna laughed in disbelief because the guy in the hot tub was already soaking wet. A manager finally came over and broke it up and both men ended up sitting in the hot tub together talking calmly.

*shakes head*

Got a trip planned for a couple of days next week. Gonna go play in the mountains and see some cool people. 8)



yogalegsWoke up this morning feeling like I was run over by a truck. Typical feeling after lifting on Saturdays.  Also woke up at 107.0 which is better than 108.6.

Did 60 minutes of yoga and took a hot bath in Epsom salts that smell like lavender to help with muscle soreness. Spent most of the day on the couch watching Netflix and polished off my cookie.

I’m still super sore but it usually subsides by the next day. Let’s hope I get a good night’s rest.

Happy Sunday. :)

Squat: 70 lbs 3×5

Bench: 50 lbs 3×5

Dead lift: 85 lbs 1×5

Leg raises: 4×5

Current weight: 107.0

I haven’t posted but I have been training. I have also been doing more cardio to help drop weight. I’ve also discovered the sauna and that sweating feels good to me. I also developed a fear of squatting. I read up on it and apparently I’m not the only one but today I crushed it! My husband also noted that training me is different from training others so basically this whole thing is an experiment. I told him after training me everyone else will be cake. ;)

He also asked me if I was training or exercising and I replied I didn’t know. He had me read this article which is a good read. I am training.

I am starting to see some muscle definition and strength. I’m also learning not to be so hard on myself and that this process will take time as most things worth doing do. :)

Tuesday 6.9.15

70 lb squat 3 x 5 (my squat was bad today, can’t win em’ all)

50 lb bench 3 x 5 (despite shaking my head no, I did better with my bench this week than last. YAY!)

leg curl 40 lb 3 x 10 (easy peasy once the machine was adjusted for my midget height.)

leg extension 40 lb 3 x 10 (easy peasy because once you dead lift everything else isn’t so hard anymore.)

hs row 50 lb 3 x 10 (these are my favorite! I’m not being sarcastic they really are!)

hyper extensions 3 x 10 (meh.)


Saturday – 6.6.15

Squat – 65 lbs 3 x 5

Bench – 50 lbs 3 x 5 (these were really effing hard for me and at one point I wanted to cry and Kyle gave me a kind of pep/quit being a pansy talk and I powered through. Go KYLE!)

Deadlift – 80 lbs 1 x 5

Leg raises – 3 x 15 (these are cake after all the above.)

Time for eats, rest and movies on this rainy Saturday.


Small you are, lift you must

A quick entry before I do yoga and head to bed.

I am beat up from yesterday’s work out. The joints in my right hand, elbow and shoulder all hurt. I do not think it’s from weight lifting but rather repetitive movement from years of working in an office and sitting at a desk. I think our gloomy, humid weather did not help the situation either. I iced the elbow and it feels much better.

Kyle informed tonight I am not a power lifter yet because I’m not lifting heavy yet, right now it’s just weight lifting. Okay. Makes sense still wanted to kind of punch him in the face a little for saying it. :P

I also asked him about the program he has me doing. Each week it seems to change. He said I’m not actually doing the program he has for me yet because I am too weak right now. Again, wanted to punch him in the face a little but it’s not his fault I’m a weak, scrawny thing and I’m not sure he’d feel anyway because well, bird arms. He said the reason he keeps modifying the work out each week is because my body is adapting much faster than he anticipated which is a good thing and that I will actually be doing the program very soon. Okay, so I wanted to kiss him a little instead of punching him. :*

This is hard and I know it wouldn’t be easy but I didn’t realize how hard and I’m not talking about lifting weights that is actually the easy part, I mean how hard is it to pick shit up and put it back down? (hehe) It’s staying away from bad habits and food and making myself go to the gym and not eating the donuts at the office potluck today because I did not want to come home and do 30 minutes of rowing.  THAT my friends is what’s hard!

I’m tired, I’m 40 and doing this makes me realize the limits my body has right now and the lack of strength I possess. It’s hard to face how much work I have ahead me but it’s also motivation to keep going.


Monday’s Training

There were some people hogging the squat rack. They were doing things incorrectly and making other people angry who were waiting to use it. It was a good show. ;) Ah, the life of commercial gyms.


Kyle is confident I will be completely off machines very soon. The squat, dead lifting and overhead pressing is doing more than the machines have. Saturday we’ll try the bench and bar. Everything is so simplistic about what I’m doing and I keep thinking I need to do more, more more! But in reality I’m cutting out the unnecessary and just focusing on what will make me stronger. So far my body is holding up. Kyle says to stick to our two-day a week for now that having so much recovering time in between is helping my growth. I want results now of course because I have zero patience with pretty much everything I reminded myself that it will be a long road and a lot of hard work but worth it!

Here was today’s workout.

squat – 55 lbs 3×5

overhead press – 40 lbs

lap pull down –  50 lbs 3×10

Romanian dead lift – 75 lbs 1×5

hyper extensions – 3×10 because the Romanian dead lift took it all out of me.

I also did about 45 minutes of yoga this morning. The joints in my hand and elbow have been hurting all day. I’m pretty sure that is weather related. We’re supposed to get storms. I spent the whole weekend resting and recovering from a horrible week. I watched a lot of movies and got my Tom Hardy fix. It was fabulous!

Now off to bed and into the week ahead.


Current me…sad state of affairs that is. Haha!

Saturday training

funny-meme-pictures-11This week was pretty awful. We came off a very busy weekend and I had no chance to recover (Downtime or recovery is extremely important for any highly sensitive person.) Then my cycle started and the rest of the week was one of exhaustion and pain and overwhelm. Kyle said I looked really sick one day, the next day he came in from work and asked if I had slept that night because I looked exhausted and by Friday he said I had circles under my eyes. This was the kind of week where I wanted to pretty much crawl under the blankets and cry a little and also punch everyone in the face a little. But I got through it and it’s a three-day weekend to boot! So I’ll be spending the next two days camped out on the couch letting myself recover.

But today I lifted!! I wasn’t missing it. I didn’t feel like doing it and I thought I might poop my pants but I did it! I also didn’t do my favorite bad meal of Chinese Food because the Chinese food here makes my joints hurt and makes me sick but instead got Chipotle which is a complete protein and lots of calories which is good I hear for a recovering body. :D


Here’s what I did today:

Squat: 3×5 @ 50lbs. Last week I was only doing the barbell which is 45 lbs. So an increase! yay!

DB Bench Press: 3×5 @ 30 lbs. I may almost be ready for a REAL bench press with the bar! Woohoo!

Romanian Deadlift: 3×5 @ 65 lbs. So we tried just a good ole’ deadlift at 95 lbs and it wasn’t going to happen. I was completely deflated and angry about that. I hate being a weenie!

Hammer Strength Row: 3×10 @ 50 lbs. This is pretty much the only machine I’m using. I love doing these and I’m not even sure why.

Lying Leg Raises: 3×20.

I also did mobility for a warm up before lifting and I did about 20 minutes of yoga after I got home and showered.

Now for rest and lots of sleep.